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welcome to Kyokushinkai Karate Zurich

Let's develop our bodies and minds through Kyokushin Karate and be the best you can be!


極 真 空 手 チューリッヒへようこそ

Located in the heart of Zurich (5 min away from the main station), the main focus is to teach the Original Kyokushin Karate Style in Terms of it`s founder, Mas Oyama.

Have you ever wondered how Kyokushin Karate could change your life?

Here are a some reasons why Kyokushin at Zurich Dojo is perfect for all sorts of motivated people:

  • Fitness and endurance: Kyokushin Karate gets your body in top shape.

  • Self-defense: Learn effective techniques to protect yourself.

  • Community and discipline: Become part of a supportive community and develop discipline that will also help you in other areas of life.


Our experienced trainers are committed to helping you develop your physical and mental abilities through our disciplined and rigorous Kyokushinkai Karate program. With our focus on technique, strength, and discipline, we aim to help our students maximize their potential and achieve their goals.


  • We are a friendly dojo where new members from all over the world are warmly welcome - our Dojo is your home! Join us and make new friends!

  • We support the promotion of Kyokushin globally and we`re happy to connect with other Dojo`s and Organizations.

  • Our instructors train year round and frequently all over Europe,UK ,US and Japan in order to sharpen their skills.

  • Our dojo also has guest instructors come in to teach as well as making international camps available to its students.

Ready to start your karate journey? Book your trial training and discover how Kyokushin Karate can enrich your life!

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