Zurich Switzerland


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Why you should practice Kyokushin

There are various reasons why you should do so:

Kyokushin Karate is more than just a martial art for self-defence; it encompasses an entire system of well being for the individual, and teaches skills and attitudes that can last a lifetime. However, it`s a great and effective self-defence and last but not least; an athletic body ;-)


Positives of the training include; discipline, respect, exercise regimen, confidence and a social atmosphere.

The classes are very structured and the accredited instruction available is world class.

Beginners are welcomed, and regardless of age, sex, religious,cultural background and physical capabilities, anyone can start training in karate and enjoy it.

If you enjoy competition, there are several tournaments throughout the year.
There is a thorough syllabus for your advancement through grades and your progress and skill acquisition is monitored to allow people to learn at their own pace.

We teach Kyokushin as the completely holistic martial that it was designed to be. Everything from basic technique, through to the top of the pyramid, being able to effectively protect yourself is covered in our training.

We do not believe in self-promotions or unearned titles like in other federations. Belonging to Kyokushin gives our black belts credibility and value. Earning a Kyokushin Black Belt is much more than a belt and certificate. It’s a lifelong membership in a strong, international organization of dedicated martial artists.