Why you should practice Kyokushin

There are various reasons why you should do so:

Arts and Culture

We learned Kyokushin direct from the master and teach it as the completely holistic martial that it was designed to be. Everything from basic technique, through to the top of the pyramid, Positives of the training include; discipline, respect, exercise regimen, confidence and a social atmosphere


Based on full-contact fighting without any show effects and gimmicks, we train the same way we fight - we strive to end the fight with one blow, We refuse trends like any kind of Functional Fighting Styles, because they give the participant a false feeling of safety. It is not possible to overcome a physical dispute without years of hard training. Any self-defence bootcamp from self-proclaimed "masters" is just for the purpose of puling the money out of someone`s pocket. No diploma will safe you from getting beaten and raped, but rigorous training of Kyokushin techniques certainly will.

Health and Well being

Kyokushin Karate is more than just a martial art for self-defence; it encompasses an entire system of well being for the individual, teaches skills and attitudes that can last a lifetime and last but not least; an athletic body ;-)


If you enjoy competition, there are several full-contact tournaments throughout the year on national and international levels where you can compete.


We do not believe in self-promotions or unearned titles like in other federations. Belonging to Kyokushin gives our black belts credibility and value. Earning a Kyokushin Black Belt is much more than a belt and certificate. It’s a lifelong membership in a strong, international organization of dedicated martial artists.



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