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Is the basic of everything. Here, we learn single techniques such as stances,punches,kicks and blocks and later put them into combinations to perpetuate them into kata and kumite
















All the techniques we have learned so far in Kihon, are being composed in a sequential order. This way, we fight against an imaginary opponent. Kata`s are also being tested for belt gradings and performed in competitions. (there`s a saying that a good fighter knows both; Kata and Kumite)

Since Kyokushin is about fighting, Kumite is the stomping ground. Here, we combine all the previously learned techniques from Kihon and Kata. Physical endurance, breathing and breaking techniques such as (Ibuki and Tameshiwari) as well as hardening of  the body (Shibaki) is an integral part of the training. This way, a student gets prepared to withstand the impact of strikes in a fight.


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