Zurich Switzerland


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November 2019

This weekend (15.17th Nov) we participated in a Boot-Camp in Urnäsch, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland.

Together with teams from Kyokushinkai Karate Ebikon, St.Gallen and Winterthur, we had a great time

training together and learning from each other. Many thanks to Team Ebikon for the Organization,

Let`s do this again! Osu!










The IFK Kumite Swiss Championship in Schiers,Grisons was a great event. Nicely and flawlessly organized by

Kyokushinkai Karate Chur.We saw attractive fights with spectacular knockdowns and knockouts,also the Tameshiwari

was an eyecatcher.
We will participate next year for sure; either as a full-fledged or a guest member of the IFK. Regardless of that, until

there`s a lot of work to do to be ready for such a challenge.

Congratulations and thanks to the Dojo Chur for the organization


















October 2019:

The Waterpoort Cup 2019 in Sneek, Netherlands gave us the following perception: the swiss team needs to participate more frequently on international tournaments; otherwise we don’t have a benchmark.It is not enough just to fight on national level, we need to start with smaller tournaments and work ourselves the way up. We have spotted that fact and will train even harder to be more successful next time! Osu!
















After the Dust has settled, we`re back to normal Dojo life. We just keep training hard, but smart to be ready for next year.

It will take awhile until each student (regardless of belt and skill level) has absorbed our concept and that`s fine. We`ll train in the dojo,the forest, in the lake and everywhere else where we can sharpen our skills. Rome wasn`t build in a day. So bear with us, good things will come to the one who waits.  Tournaments, Bootcamps and such will be published accordingly.

If you wish to train with us,please contact us and we`ll happily provide you the details.

Juli 2019

It`s hot. We`re taking a summerbreak and are training in NYC and West Palm Beach,FL, USA