June 2021:

Since the swiss government has relaxed its Covid-19 restrictions we`re back with training!

May 2021:

Covid-19 Update: The requirements for sports and cultural activities will now be relaxed for adults in the amateur sector, for individuals or for groups of up to 15 people.Outdoors, either a mask must be worn or the required distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained. Indoors, both the mask must be worn and the distance maintained.

Sports with body contact are still not permitted indoors, and outdoors only if a mask is worn. It is still recommended to move sports and cultural activities outside and to get tested before events, sports and cultural activities.

January 2021:

Kyokushinkai.org is expanding to the USA! We will shortly open up a branch office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

December 2020:

Congratulations to Hans and Marc for passing their grades! Now onward to the next one in March 2021!

October 2020:

First gradings successfully passed!

The three Musketeers aka Scott,Ian and Hans have passed their grading tests! Onward to the next one in December! Congratulations and Osu!








September 2020:

Ready to become the fighter you want to be? Let`s get it on!




















August 2020:

Yes, It`s hot. But we`re still training at a reduced level. We are offering new courses especially for kids and women.

Start Date: TUE, 8. September 2020. Bring your gear with you and get started! The first three classes are free!














Juli 2020:


IFK Training Day

We enjoyed a great day in Willisau, Switzerland where we intensely practiced Kihon, Kata and Kumite according to the IFK Syllabus. Repeating old techniques and learning new stuff and also making new friends.Osu!













June 2020:



The new Schedule looks like follows:











May 2020:

The Swiss Federal Council has decided to gradually ease measures against the new coronavirus as follows:

In Phase two, which is set to commence on 11th May 2020, it is planned that shops and markets will reopen. At the same time, entertainment and leisure establishments shall reopen and restrictions on gatherings are relaxed as well.

The Federal Council will take a decision regarding the details of this phase on 27 May. This is the date where we plan to re-open our Dojo.

However; to protect ourselves in the future, we have worked out a security concept (in german) which incorporates the following measures listed below. Our Dojo takes this very seriously to maintain the health and well-being of our Karatekas. Please read very carefully:



April 2020:


The current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic lockdown forces our Dojo to remain shut. We`ll keep you informed

about the current situation and upcoming news in time.

We regret that we cannot exercise, but health comes first. Stay safe and healthy! Osu!

March 2020:

Men at work...




















February 2020

A new Dojo Arises: Tatamis need to be cleaned up and then they’ll be rolled out. We will have two fighting areas,    

each 4x4m marked with red mats. Having that, we will be able to conduct a small tournament.

Three more weeks and we’ll be re-opening!


January 2020

A new year has begun and so have we!

Our new location will open on MON, 2.March 2020 at Badenerstrasse 551,8048 Zürich (Tram Line 2 until Freihofstrasse.

Parkings available around in the are


November 2019

This weekend (15.17th Nov) we participated in a Boot-Camp in Urnäsch, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland.

Together with teams from Kyokushinkai Karate Ebikon, St.Gallen and Winterthur, we had a great time training together

and learning from each other. Many thanks to Team Ebikon for the Organization. Osu!

















October 2019: Swiss Championship Kumite 2019

The IFK Kumite Swiss Championship in Schiers,Grisons was a great event. Flawlessly organized by

Kyokushinkai Karate Chur. We saw attractive fights with spectacular knockdowns and knockouts,also the Tameshiwari

was an eyecatcher.
We will participate next year for sure; either as a full-fledged or a guest member of the IFK. Regardless of that, until

there`s a lot of work to do to be ready for such a challenge.

Congratulations and thanks to the Dojo Chur for the organization




















October 2019:

The Waterpoort Cup 2019 in Sneek, Netherlands gave us the following perception: the swiss team needs to participate more frequently on international tournaments; otherwise we don’t have a benchmark.It is not enough just to fight on national level, we need to start with smaller tournaments and work ourselves the way up. We have spotted that fact and will train even harder to be more successful next time! Osu!



















After the Dust has settled, we`re back to normal Dojo life. We just keep training hard, but smart to be ready for next year.

It will take awhile until each student (regardless of belt and skill level) has absorbed our concept and that`s fine. We`ll train in the dojo,the forest, in the lake and everywhere else where we can sharpen our skills. Rome wasn`t build in a day. So bear with us, good things will come to the one who waits.  Tournaments, Bootcamps and such will be published accordingly.

If you wish to train with us,please contact us and we`ll happily provide you the details.

Juli 2019

It`s hot. We`re taking a summerbreak and are training in NYC and West Palm Beach,FL, USA



























































































7.00 - 8.30 PM


7.00 - 8.30 PM

 K-1 Kickboxing




10.00 - 12.00 AM

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