July 2022:

Preparing ourselves for a hot fall and winter.

December 2021:

Successful gradings again:

While Hadrien has ascended to 8.Kyu (Blue Belt),  Michel has done so with becoming 9.Kyu (Orange Belt). Congratulations and Osu!













October  2021:

Senpai Maximilian traveled to the Honbu Dojo in Holland to meet with Hanshi Nico Gordeau (8th Dan) and Hanshi Dave Jonkers (8th Dan) to set the direction for 2022+. On Saturday all Kata`s were discussed and on Sunday Senpai Maximilian did a few rounds of Kickbox Sparring with the Fight-Team.

All in all a short, but great weekend where also the private aspect did not come too short. To be continued!
























July 2021:

Successful gradings:

Since the trainings went so well, we decided to perform some "Open-Air" gradings: while Michel and Dan have successfully passed their grades, Hadrien and Jan have progressed further. Keep up the good work!




























January 2021:

Kyokushinkai.org is expanding! We will shortly open up a branch office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Juli 2020

IFK Training Day

We enjoyed a great day in Willisau, Switzerland where we intensely practiced Kihon, Kata and Kumite according to the IFK Syllabus. Repeating old techniques and learning new stuff and also making new friends.Osu!















October 2020:


First gradings successfully passed!

The three Musketeers aka Scott,Ian and Hans have passed their grading tests! Onward to the next one in December! Congratulations and Osu!