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Our Team.

This is us: we`re a friendly dojo where new members

from all over the world are welcome.

We support the promotion of Kyokushin globally and we`re

happy to become friends with other Dojo`s and Organizations.

We are member of Kyokushin AIKO.

Please feel free to get in touch with us:

+41 78 803 23 69

Sensei Maximilian

3.Dan Kyokushinkai Karate

1.Master Grade American Kickboxing


started with Judo/Jiu-Jitsu at the age of seven until Green Belt (4.Kyu)
started with Shotokan Karate until Green Belt (6.Kyu) and moved to Kyokushinkai Karate in Los Angeles, CA.

Moved to Seidokaikan Karate under Andy Hug and Michael Thompson

Switched to K-1 Kickboxing and Amateur Boxing

Moved to Professional Boxing and signed a contract with Probox Munich.

After retiring from active fighting return to Kyokushin.

Senpai Darius

  1.Dan Kyokushinkai Karate


started with Kyokushin Karate under Steve Arneil

won numerous national British and international Tournaments


Get to Know Us

There are so many good reasons to join Kyokushinkai Karate Zurich.

We believe that martial arts are a gateway to improving your life in so many ways. Some arrive at our studio in search of developing confidence, physical fitness and street smarts. Others are looking to generate a sense of courage and inner peace. Whatever your motivation is, you will discover an inspiring world of self-transformation. Join us! You will be so grateful you did.

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