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The Kyokushin World 2019

After Mas Oyama's death in 1994, there has been a considerable amount of confusion and consequently there were several groups who lay claim to the organization and who should succeed Oyama as a chairman. We will only list the most important claimants. Arguments about who is the head of the IKO will not undergo any closer examination.


The International Karate Organization (IKO) split into two groups, primarily due to personal conflicts. One group led by Shokei Matsui became known as IKO 1, and a second group was known as IKO 2. Before his death; Oyama named no one as his successor, although he did mention Matsui to be the most eligible one.

However, the Oyama`s family founded the Mas Oyama Memorial Foundation with her daughters, which are still retaining and maintaining the rights to manage IKO Kyokushinkaikan.

Here current Organizations worth mentioning:

IKO 1 (MATSUI GROUP): Matsui faked Oyama`s testament into his own favor, which brought him a sentence for prison. Furthermore,  he is a member of the Korean "Moon cult" which has some dubious connections to a questionnable japanese underground organization which will not be mentioned here. To be accepted for the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020, Matsui changed the style away from Full-Contact more into a Shotokan direction.


IKO 2 (MIDORI GROUP): Shinkyokushinkai: in Kyokushin circles known as "Shin";was never acknowledged by Oyama's family. To circumvent payments and punishments; Midori changed the logo and renamed it into Shinkyokushinkai. Some techniques (especially in Kihon) have a touch of Shotokan. However, it is the largest organization today.


No further comment here.

IFK – International Federation of Karate: Steve Arneil decided not to pay the annual contribution fee`s to Oyama and was consequently banned for two years not allowed practicioning Kyokushin. That`s why he founded his own organization and named it into IFK.

IKOK -International Karate Organization Kyokushikaikan: a relatively new,fast growing organization based in Europe It was founded to maintain the original correct technique. Currently, many membership applications from dojo`s in japan and other countries are submitted,because people aren`t interested in politics,but want to enjoy practicing the original Kyokushin style. 

There are many more derivations of Kyokushin which will not be taken into consideration.