Zurich Switzerland


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The Kyokushin scene is switzerland is somewhat funny. Switzerland has 8 Million residents and  there`s currently a count of at least six federations nationwide. To shine a light into the darkness, here`s an attempt:



Affiliate of www.ifk-kyokushin.com. Led by Hanshi Steve Arneil

Kyokushin Karate Union Swiss

Swiss Shinkyokushin Karate Association SSKA; led by Shihan Peter Steinmann. Affiliate of WKO


We won`t dwell any further upon other federations.


Switzerland enjoys a free-market economy; basically everybody can establish whatever he wants. This is also true for a Kyokushin -or any other Karate or Martial Arts Dojo. History has shown, that such Dojo`s usually disappear after a 2-3 years period and the cleansing takes place in a natural way