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Kids Kyokushin Karate


🥋 At Kyokushin Zurich, children discover the art of Kyokushin Karate, a journey that goes far beyond physical fitness. The budo aspect is emphasized here, which is about more than just karate techniques - it is a philosophy of life. By learning budo values such as: Respect 🤝 Courage 🦁 Discipline ⏳ and loyalty 💠 in an authentic dojo environment, our young karatekas are given tools that will help them progress not only in martial arts, but in all areas of life. These basic principles help them to face challenges with dignity, develop resilience and build an unshakeable character. Join us on the path of Kyokushin Karate and watch your child grow - physically, mentally and emotionally. 🙏 OSU!

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2 Plans Available, From CHF 440.00/year

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K-1 Kickboxing

K-1 Kickboxing

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