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Regular training promotes good health and alertness of mind. All physical and mental powers are addressed. Individual body parts are trained for strength and speed, so that one can defend oneself effectively and efficiently in an emergency situation. Especially in today's time where the readiness to violence among young people has increased so massively; it is essential to train something that you can also use in reality.

Regular training generally increases the well-being, strengthens the health, gives self-confidence and besides a good figure ;-)

We would like to offer children, teenagers and adults the possibility to get to know something new and to occupy themselves with something else besides internet and social media.

Kyokushinkai Karate is not only a sport - it is a way of life!

We are looking forward to your contact and greet you kindly.


What to expect

At first, the training is not very spectacular.

First of all, the karate techniques (Kihon) are trained. This is the basic school with basic positions and techniques. The karate techniques must be performed cleanly and accurately. This also includes hardening techniques, breaking tests and breathing techniques.

Then comes the form training (Kata) in the row. Here the basic techniques are combined with each other.

Finally comes the fight (Kumite), the real stomping ground in Kyokushin Karate. Working with a partner or on the punching pad is the focus of the training. The closeness to reality is crucial.

Here kicks and punches are more or less in balance.

Fighting is without any protection, only a lower body protection is allowed.
"Kihon" the scholastic practice of the basic technique.
"Kata" the prescribed sequences of attack and defense.
"Kumite" fighting in different ways.

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